Information for Charities

Greetings and Welcome New Hampshire Charities, we are here to raise money for you!!!

We are a New Hampshire registered LLC company and under our “Games of Chance” license with the NH Lottery, we are mandated to payout 35% of our charitable gaming operation to registered New Hampshire Charities. It’s a ton of money.

It’s the law, every day and every night we operate, we are raising money for New Hampshire charities.

We want to give you Nights, especially Salem New Hampshire Charities.

In order for a NH Charity to participate in any “Games of Chance” the charity must satisfy a few simple requirements of the NH Lottery:

  • The charitable group must have been registered with the NH Secretary of State and the NH Charitable Trust Division of the Attorney General’s office for at least two years.
  • A designated form is filled out and submitted to the Lottery for approval to receive funds from us under the “Games of Chance” operation.
  • We are happy to help Charity organizations complete paperwork and applications.

Information on the licensing procedure and forms required may be found on the web site of the NH Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission at:

Finally, once your charity has been approved, you are eligible to get dates to be the charity of the day and earn your charity funds.

While there are many great and worthy charities, there are only so many days available each year. Charities need to reach out to “Games of Chance” facilities and get on the event calendar. Some operators can have lengthy waiting lists, we urge you to contact us today to get on the Cheers Poker Room & Casino List.

The locations and Game Operators currently licensed in NH can be found at