Cheers Poker Room & Casino has two double zero roulette tables with Las Vegas style roulette wheels and pays full casino odds. Roulette is a fun game and can be played at Cheers Poker Room & Casino while also enjoying our kitchen, bar and prime sports viewing with our 47 flat screen HD TV’s. Minimum bets are only $1 and due to state limitations, the maximum allowed bet is $4 per bet.

How to Play

Roulette has its own set of colored chips to separate which players have made which bets and these chips are purchased at the table itself.

Players place bets on whatever number or color they think the ball will land in. Bets may be placed directly on a number, in between 2 numbers, at the intersection of 4 numbers, at the beginning of each row (which covers 3 numbers) or in between two rows (which covers 6 numbers). There are also outside bets where players can bet on even/odd, red/black, the first 18 numbers, the last 18 numbers, all 3 columns or each section which is divided into 12 number sections. Bets are allowed until the dealer announces “no more bets”, just before the ball is about to drop.

Players may cash out at any time and dealers may assist with placing bets if the players cannot reach a certain part of the table.