3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a popular game around the world and is offered at Cheers Poker Room & Casino. The maximum bet allowed in New Hampshire is $4 and the allowed bets at Cheers are $2 and $4 bets. This means the Ante and the Pairs Plus bets can only be either $2 or $4. For clarification on the betting structure of 3 Card Poker, continue reading below.

How to Play

There are two ways to play 3 Card Poker. Players can either play against the dealer, play for a pair or better, or play both ways. Playing against the dealer requires an Ante bet of $2 or $4. After the player receives their cards they can decide whether or not they want to continue to play their hand. If they want to play their hand against the dealer they will be required to place another bet called the “Play” bet. This bet much match the amount of the bet made on the Ante. After this bet is made, the player’s cards will be matched up against the dealers to see who wins. The other bet available to players is the Pairs Plus bonus bet. This bet is not played against the dealer and is won by having a pair or better in the players hand.