Let it Ride

Cheers Poker Room & Casino offers Let it Ride every day of the week. Due to state limitations, bets are limited to either $2 or $4 bets. With our brand new tables, chairs and chips paired with our 47 flat screen HD TV’s, Cheers Poker Room & Casino is the best place in New Hampshire to play Let it Ride.

How to Play

Play begins with players making 3 equal bets of $2 or $4. Each player is dealt 3 cards face down and the dealer places 2 cards face down that serve as community cards which each player uses to make their best 5 card hand. After the player receives their cards they signal to the deal if they want to take one of their bets back or “let it ride” and leave their bet up. The dealer reveals one of the community cards and the process is repeated until both community cards are showing. The dealer will go through each player and award winning players their payouts.

Bonus Bets

An optional 3-Card bonus bet is offered and is based on the three cards that the player is dealt. In order to win the bonus bet, the player must be dealt a pair or better in their initial 3 cards.