November 5th, 2017 Schedule Update

Greetings Everyone,

It looks like we are 10 construction days from complete; Halloween. ** subject to reasonably industry standard timed inspections.

The not so LOL reasonable timed inspection was finalized Wednesday, November 1. So instead of being complete with 10 construction days from the 19th, we did not get greenlighted until 3 days ago.

Big crews hit the Casino Thursday morning, the place got insulated and is 100% drywalled and taped. Sheetrock finish should be ready for prime on Wed. Tile is going in all the new baths Thursday and a professional decorator selected Casino paint colors last Friday.

Folks, this is a big project. The first real Poker Room & Casino buildout in New Hampshire and the town and state are treating it as such. There are no shortcuts on inspections and no shortcuts on safety for a building that will hold 600 people at once.

The building has new everything: HVAC, electric, plumbing and bathrooms (9 fixtures in the men’s room), a 37-foot-long granite bar, restaurant, 47 TV’s, indirect LED lighting (no shadows) insulation, new parking lot, new new new. Bravo Poker, Shufflers It’s a massive project and delays are expected. Everything is in place for the final finish push.

I think the locals were taken by surprise with the scope and magnitude of the Cheers Poker Room and Casino and really stepped up oversight and strict enforcement of every possible code under the sun. Truthfully, it’s a big project and need scrutiny.

The place is coming out amazing. As people know, I have played in rooms all over the country. The design is a blend of the very best rooms and elements and has been built for the players and employees. I legit may have over done it. (LOL-UGH)

While I hope to wrap it up very quickly, (we have/had and entire MTT November schedule approved) the final signoffs are sure to be at the absurd level. This is a huge project (30 poker/16 table games) the largest room in NH and Salem’s only assembly zoned approved project, so it has wacky sign off potential.

My goal is to open ASAP and get our great staff working.

Opening date is 100% in the hands of the town and the state. We will get there, and I will keep you updated. We are close. The wait will be worth it…