Cheers Poker Room Open for Business

It’s 6 degrees, Cheers Express launches in 3 hours… Full MTT menu and cash games running, 16 pit table ready, young guys ready, amazing staff ready….. Room 99.9 done.

When I started this journey I had a vision of a poker room and casino that I wanted to play in. I had a vision of a place I would want to be employed in and I had a vision of how I would treat people. I wanted Cheers. A place where everyone knew you name and everyone was glad you came. With the help of many people including the big finish from my amazing brothers and his company, the physical Casino is done. It all means nothing without customer service, respect for everyone and can do, never quit attitude. Many great people have left secure jobs to follow my vision and join our staff. I am beyond humbled daily being part of this team, the Cheers team. Lots of people wanted to do a quite, soft opening and work out the bugs. Nope, not the way We roll at Cheers. Open the doors, Let’s Go!

Our” mission is to raise the bar and provide the best player friendly room in the country. We will accept nothing less. Thank you all, and good luck to the Cheers staff!!

We are open New Years ever until an hour into 2018… please note ATM not up and running, there is one next door…